University Classes

Below are research administration classes offered by Harvard University and outside sources.  Please register on the Harvard Training Portal.

University-wide Training

  • Chart of Accounts is an introduction to the Harvard Chart of Accounts (CoA) course and provides a framework for understanding the basic University accounting structure.  It is also recommended (but not required) that people attend this class prior to taking classes on financial systems.
  • Ethics and Accountability workshop provides an understanding of your roles and responsibilities in protecting the University’s resources while promoting an environment consistent with the University’s values and objectives.
  • Fraud and the Workplace workshop focuses on the impact of fraud, the characteristics of those who commit fraud and the potential indicators of fraud.
  • Overview of Sponsored Projects Administration is a one day workshop covering basic information on Harvard research administration and the lifecycle of a sponsored award.
  • Research Excellence in Administration at Harvard Certificate (REACH) program is an interactive and engaging cohort-based certificate program specifically designed for Harvard research administrations.   Program currently has two levels:  Foundations and Intermediate.

University Online Sponsored Learning Modules:

  • Sponsored Programs Administration Overview:   Provides a high-level overview of key concepts related to sponsored program administration at Harvard.
  • Cost Principles:  Introduction to cost principles under the Uniform Guidance, the rules governing how federal funds may be spent on sponsored projects.
  • Direct Costs:  Course focus is on the most common types of direct costs that are incurred on sponsored projects at Harvard.
  • Introduction to Cost Transfers:   Introduction to Harvard’s Cost Transfer procedures and the applicability of the OMB Uniform Guidance.
  • Harvard's Capital Equipment Policy:  Primer on equipment management;  background on policy, ordering, receiving, disposition and physical inventory of equipment on sponsored awards.
  • Travel and Reimbursement Policy:  Overview of Harvard’s travel policy; includes scenario-based examples to understanding the type of business expenses eligible for reimbursement.

Other Sponsored Administration Learning Opportunities