SPH Proposal Review Process and Timeframe

To effectively manage the review and submission process, the following SPH rules are in effect for all proposals*:

  1. Final versions of administrative components, along with final budgets and all final Subcontract(s) documents, and draft versions of the scientific/technical components for Proposals must be submitted to the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) Office by 5 p.m., ten (10) business days prior to the submission deadline for internal review and feedback.  For any questions and confirmation/clarification of the proposal components required for submission, please contact your SPA Representative.
  2. Final proposal submission to SPA (including final science and sign off) is required Seven (7) business days prior to the sponsor deadline.
  3. At least five (5) business days  prior to the deadline for submission, SPH will submit  those proposals that qualify to the Provost’s Office for additional review. Proposals submitted to the Provosts Office in less than five days prior to the submission deadline are at risk of not being approved.
  4. All progress reports are due to SPA by 5pm, five (5) business days prior to the deadline for internal review and comment.

For your reference and convenience, SPA has prepared a Submission Deadline Calculator  which includes proposal deadlines for several federal and non-federal funding sources and the 10/7/5 day  internal benchmark deadlines. Please remember that this tool is a guide and it is best practice to confirm the deadline dates with your SRA.

  • The spreadsheet is pre-populated with major deadlines for SPH’s top funders, including all NIH mechanisms with published deadlines.
  • You can calculate internal deadlines for other opportunities by entering the Sponsor due date in the pink box.
  • Formulas in the spreadsheet will calculate accurate internal deadlines through 12/22/2017.

Please contact your SPA representative or Caitlin O’Connor if you have any questions or suggestions.

Requests for exceptions to these deadlines may be submitted on behalf of the PI by the Associate Director of Finance to Frank Urso, Executive Director of Research Administration, following the defined Proposal Deadline Exception Request process.

* specified in the electronic announcement dated September 17, 2010  from Dr David J. Hunter, Dean for Academic Affairs to Chairs, Center Directors and Department Administrators