SPH Labs

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health offers several lab sessions to learn about applications used specifically at SPH.  Below is a description and information on how to register for one of these sessions:

Case studies in Gift Accounts: This workshop is for grant managers who are also responsible for restricted gift funds. Using a case study approach, participants will analyze real-life instances to uncover underlying principles in gift fund administration.

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SPH Indirect Cost (IDC) Budget Tool:  The IDC Budget Tool is to be used for all SPH non-federally sponsored proposals.  It is designed to budget direct costs in lieu of overhead when applying for funding from non-federal sources.   This lab provides a basic introduction to the tool, highlighting key features (such as the PI Summary) and the Grant Review process. This hands-on lab is for SPH budget preparers/reviewers who are new and/or interested in an IDC Budget Tool refresher.

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Wasabi Hands-on Lab sessions demonstrating features of Wasabi modules.  Register on the Harvard Training Portal.  Search for Wasabi Lab Session.

  • Sponsored Account Maintenance and Budgets

  • Journals

  • Payroll Actions

  WASABI A Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health custom application designed for detailed budgeting of sponsored accounts, journal transactions and creation and approval of payroll actions.The Wasabi Basics class is required for all new SPH Wasabi users.