Facilities & Administration (F&A) costs are incurred for a common or joint purpose and cannot be directly charged back to a particular sponsor.  However, F&A costs cover crucial aspects of research such as departmental administration, general administration, library costs, building utility and maintenance costs.

What does F&A mean? Watch a recent video produced by HMS OCER (Office of Communications & External Relations)
which was shared at the October 19, 2017HMS Town Meeting and released on YouTube. this week Hear how Assistant Professor Allon Klein discusses facilities and administration costs and how important F&A are to maintaining the partnership between our federal government and research universities.

Fringe benefits (FB) are direct, employee associated costs and must be included in the proposal budget.  These costs are expressed as a rate and vary by employee class. The rate is the pooled costs of these benefits divided by the total salaries in each employee class. These rates are then applied to the applicable employee salary to represent the associated benefits for that type of employee. To see the current, FY 18 FB rates, visit OSPs website.

Federal F&A and FB rates are negotiated separately by the Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, and University area on an annual basis.