The RAST: Research Administration Support Team

The Research Administration Support Team (RAST) was formed in response to departmental requests for highly-trained research administration professionals who can alleviate workload during peak periods and to help cover vacancies.  The RAST is a fee based service that provides immediate assistance to SPH & HMS departments, centers and central offices by:

  • filling short- and medium-term research administration vacancies.
  • providing support during heavy proposal submission deadlines.
  • aiding in the development of large-scale collaborative proposals.
  • providing audit preparation services.
  • consulting and supporting special pre and/or post-award research administration projects.
  • on-boarding, mentoring and coaching of new research administrators.

Chart of RAST Team

Please email Angela Brazeau at to request the services of a RAST project manager or to inquire about RAST Project Manager Fees.