Preparing a Proposal

Proposal information/documentation required for review

Follow funding opportunity guidelines and/or application instructions. If none exist, the HMS Office of Research Administration and SPH Sponsored Programs Administration offices require at a minimum these basic proposal elements:

If the proposal includes a subaward to another institution, see Inclusion of Subaward(s) for subaward proposal development tips.

Each School has its own review process and time frame(HMS/HSDM) (SPH). The deadlines have been established to factor in time to asses and address the relevance of the Provost review criteria.

If the proposal includes subawards, it is advisable to set a deadline for receipt of subaward documentation well in advance of the School’s deadline.

Proposal documents need to be uploaded into Harvard’s Grants Management Application Suite (GMAS) for review and authorization. The exception is any time the sponsor requires paper copies with original signatures. In those cases, the preferred method is to mail or hand deliver to ORA only the signature page(s). Proposal documents should be uploaded into the GMAS request record for review and authorization. If the sponsor requires paper copies with original signatures, please mail or hand deliver to SPA only the signature page(s).
If submitting a proposal electronically, please ensure all required system registrations are in place in advance of the deadline.