Signing the Electronic Participation Agreement

March 24, 2017

The GMAS help desk often gets questions regarding signing the electronic Participation Agreement and receiving a security error. Here are two reasons why you would receive this error message instead of landing successfully on the Participation Agreement, where you can read the terms and sign. 

1. An incorrect link was provided to the individual who needs to sign: This often happens when an individual is provided with a link from the GMAS request or person profile where the Participation Agreement is showing as needed. These links can only be accessed by individuals… Read more about Signing the Electronic Participation Agreement

Outcomes of Amended (“A1”) Applications

Outcomes of Amended (“A1”) Applications

March 23, 2017

In a previous blog, we described the outcomes of grant applications according to the initial peer review score. Some of you have wondered about the peer review scores of amended (“A1”) applications. More specifically, some of you have asked about amended applications getting worse scores than first applications; some of you have experienced amended applications not even being discussed after the first application received a priority score and… Read more about Outcomes of Amended (“A1”) Applications

Update: NIH Prior Approval Policy on Fixed-Price Subawards

March 20, 2017

The FDP Subaward Subcommittee Co-Chairs shared an update on the email sent to its membership on January 26, 2017 regarding pass-through entities (PTEs) needing to obtain NIH prior approval to issue subawards at fixed amounts. Original email is accessible through here. Please contact Amanda Humphrey, at, if you have any questions about… Read more about Update: NIH Prior Approval Policy on Fixed-Price Subawards