New HMS Systems Access Form

June 7, 2018

In response to feedback about the burdensome process required to request access to HMS and University financial and human resource systems, a working group was formed to develop a web-based application. This form is intended to be an initial touchpoint for requestors to indicate the systems to which they are requesting access and for grantors to collect the required information. Completed forms will then be triaged to the appropriate grantor to either give access or follow up with required information. This form seeks to streamline the access request process by consolidating the number of requests and reducing confusion. The form is now ready to use and can be accessed HERE! As we continue to improve upon this process, your suggestions are welcome. Contact a member of the Access Request Working Group with comments or questions: Kelly Evans (Office of Research Administration), Anna Frye (Office of Research Administration), Christine Jones (Office of Finance), Ivona Jukic (Ofice of Research Administration), Joanna Brownstein (Human Resources), and Jennifer Ryan (Human Resources).