GMAS Research Team User Guide Now Available

August 31, 2018

The GMAS Research Team (RT), Financial Conflict of Interest (fCOI), and Participation Agreement (PAs) User Guide is now available for department grant managers, explaining who should, and who should not, be on the research team, and how to update the research team through the life cycle of the grant. The research team will generate Conflict of Interest approvals for anyone listed as an investigator in the research team, and will generate Participation Agreement approvals for anyone listed in the research team.  Knowing who should and should not be included on the research team can reduce processing time for setting up awards in GMAS. Questions or comments? Reach out to Jonathan Eaton in the Office of Research Administration.

gmas_research_team_rt_financial_conflict_of_interest_fcois_and_par._.pdf477 KB