GMAS Survival Camp

GMAS Survival:  Going Beyond the Basics

Imagine that you’re on a deserted island with nothing but your laptop and amazingly an internet connection!    You have no paper files but you have access to GMAS and email.   Could you continue to manage your portfolio on the island?   Through a variety of real-life situations from pre-award to close-out, Survivors will discover that the answer is a definitive “yes!”

In this lab based curriculum you will be taken on a treasure hunt, explore the document repository, create a variety requests, add new members to project teams, create new profiles, change budget templates, experience a close-out through the eyes of an OSP Financial Analyst and more!

GMAS Survival is a two week program that meets twice a week in 2-hour lab sessions with pre-assignments designed to enhance the lab experience.

Audience:  GMAS Survival is designed for GMAS users with at least 3 months of GMAS experience who have created requests and are comfortable navigating the system.

Upcoming sessions

  • GMAS Survival:  To be scheduled

Interested in becoming a GMAS Survivor?  Contact Eileen Nielsen, Director of Research Administration Education.