G-2-P transition - what will the revision/Action Memo look like?

  1. The University QA group has developed a process with a number of steps to help ensure that transitioned awards are captured correctly for cash management purposes. 

  2. Most impactful, the continuation funding under the new document number will need to be set-up in a new Account Group with a new Fund.

    1. A new account group will be created with the description “P-Subaccount”

    2. The new main will have the description “Main 2 P-Subaccount Transition”

    3. The new Fund number will be created with the keyword “P-Subaccount”

  3. Appropriate comments regarding the transition will also be added to the Action Memo; for example, “Please note that the LOC method for this award has transitioned from a pooled “G” account to a single fund “P” subaccount. As a result a new account group with a new fund number has been established to allow for the accurate drawdown of funds."