G-2-P transition - what will the award look like?

  1. Rather than issuing the transitioned award as a Type 5 as we would normally expect for a noncompeting award, NIH will issue the transitioned awards as a Type 4 (funded extension).
  2. In the Notice, in the Fiscal Information section under Section 1 – Award Data, you will see that the award has received a new Document Number and the PMS Account Type will now be listed as P (Subaccount).  For example:
Previous Notice Type 4 Notice for Transitioned Award
Document Number:   RAI069259C                 Document Number:   RAI069259D
PMS Account Type:   G (Pooled) PMS Account Type:    P (Subaccount)
3. The project period end date of the FY2015 award will be changed to the end date of the budget period of the FY2015    award. This change will be reflected in eRA Commons, but NIH will not issue a new NoA to reflect this change to the FY2015 award. As the FY2015 award is now the final year of the first “administrative segment” of the award, a Subaccount Transitional FFR for this administrative segment becomes due. (Please note, however, progress reporting requirements are not impacted by this transition.)