G-2-P accounts - wait, I have more questions! Who can I reach out to for more information?

  1. A “Task Force” is being established to ensure consistency and to address any questions or issues that arise in the process.  More information will follow as this group is developed.

  2. Until further information about the task force is available, for questions arising at HMS, use the below contacts:

    1. Pre-award contact: Melissa Korf, Melissa_Korf@hms.harvard.edu, 617-432-1247

    2. Post-award contact: Marc Todesco, Marc_Todesco@harvard.edu, 617-496-4070

    3. Feel free to reach out to both Melissa and Marc if you are unsure if your question is on the pre- or post-award side.

  3. OSP will be identifying a point of contact to oversee “Transitional” FFR submissions, reconciliations/closeout, and draws.  Financial Analysts will continue to prepare and coordinate FFRs with departments