December 2016

On December 9, we held our last Open Forum of the year. We heard from Jennifer Ryan, Todd Washburn, Allison O'Donnell, and Jessica Perreault, and Simone Alpen. Below you will find a list of topics covered during this event and presentation materials, where available. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • Jennifer Ryan gave an overview of the conflict of interes, PHS regulations, and touched on definition of investigator. Contact the Office of Academic and Research Integrity if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Jessica and Simone gave and overview of the upcoming December release, which focuses on the budget entry. Yes, very soon you will be able to create and update GL budgets in GMAS! To see this presentation scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the powerpoint document. To read more details about the upcoming release, click here. If you have any feedback about GMAS, please contact GMAS Support.

  • ¬†Allison O'Donnell and Todd Washburn talked details about Provostial review delving into meaning of some of the more ambigous criteria.

  • SPA introduced new FAQs on COI and OAR system. if you have any quesion that you often need to ask, let us know. We will work to create as many FAQs as you need. You can ask us anything by submitting a feedback form, emailing or calling.

May you have a most wonderful holiday season. We will see you next year!

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Provostial Review132 KB
GMAS December 2016 Release Preview589 KB