The sponsored budget is the budget of record for the sponsored award. Maintenance of this budget is mandatory for all grants and contracts. Upon notification to the department of the setup of the GMAS account string for a grant or contract, the department administrator is responsible for setting up the sponsored award budget in the General Ledger for each subactivity assigned to an award.

Budgeting at SPH
SPH administrators send budgets to the General Ledger via the Wasabi system.  All budgets for all accounts should be entered and maintained in Wasabi > Accounts > Account Maintenance in the Budget tab.  Please see the Accounts and Budgeting section, of the Wasabi Manual, for details.

Budgeting at HMS/HSDM
All budgets for HMS/HSDM accounts should be entered into the General Ledger via the Budget Tool.  Please see the Sponsored Budget Tool help for more information on how to use the Budget Tool.