April 2016

On April 8, Longwood Medical Area schools held a Joint Open Forum. We had a packed room and a full agenda. Below you will find a list of topics covered during this event and presentation materials, where available. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • Sarah Axelrod & Min Xiao presented clarification on cost transfer policy. Download the presentation here. If you are from HMS or HSDM and you have questions about this policy, contact Rita Bergemann.

  • Simone Alpen & Andrew Malone talked about the GMAS 2.0 April release, which occurred on April 11, 2016. Download this presentation here. The next release will focus on documents and most likely will occur during July/August time frame. If you have any feedback about GMAS, please contact GMAS Support

  • GMAS Training Team – Amy Maltzan & Katelyn Lippman gave a great update about GMAS Training and Communication Committee's efforts to bring more information about GMAS our way. Download their presentation here. Please take 5 minutes to complete this group's survey - the quality of their support relies on your feedback. Click here to access the survey now. 

  • Internal Controls Update – Jeff Seo & Eileen Nielsen gave a short presentation on what stakeholders can expect in near future. No slides are available, but please let Jeff or Eileen know if you have any questions. 

  • HLCRA review – Ivona Jukic & Diane Standring gave a more detailed overview of the redesigned HLCRA website. They are actively seeking your feedback so that we can see more features and updates to an already great website. Contact Ivona or Diane if you want to share your thoughts on HLCRA.