Procedures for Provost Review of Proposals

Proposals should be submitted to your SPA office (HMS/HSDM,HSPH) before the proposal is filed with potential funders, if at all possible, and in all cases before the activity is initiated. In order to be reviewed in this process, sufficient detail about the planned activity and its budget should be presented. This does not require an exhaustive narrative and a line-item budget, but the detail should be sufficient to allow the reviewers to understand the purpose and nature of the project, its planned activities, and its budgetary needs. Reviewers may seek more detail, as needed.

If the sponsor represents a new source of funds for Harvard, complete and submit the “New Sponsor Form” found with the Provost Criteria, and submit it to your SPA office with the proposal.

You should also check the Current Travel Warnings list at the U.S. Department of State website if the project includes any international component (see Provost Criteria).