Facilities & Administration Rates

Facilities & Administration (F&A) costs are incurred for a common or joint purpose and cannot be directly charged back to a particular sponsor.  However, F&A costs cover crucial aspects of research such as departmental administration, general administration, library costs, building utility and maintenance costs.

Federal F&A rates are negotiated separately the Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and University area.

Current Federal F&A and Fringe Benefit Rate Agreements
There may be times when a sponsor requests a copy of the rate the agreement.  Below are the current agreements.

For proposals submitted to industry sponsors HMS, HSDM, and HSPH apply their respective current federally approved F&A rate percent using the total direct cost (TDC) base.

Historic Federal F&A and Fringe Benefit Rate Agreements
There may be times when a sponsored requests a copy of an historical rate agreement.  Below are rate agreements going back to the agreement dated February 14, 2005.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard School of Public Health

The F&A cost rates for non-federal sponsors can be found below.   Please see the Statement of Principles on F&A when preparing budgets for non-federal sponsors

Rachel Cahoon, Director, Sponsored Programs Administration
Kristie Froman, Associate Director of Research Operations