Systems Training


Curvita is HSPH’s new web-based system to manage faculty career information and training grant data. Sessions are open to all departmental staff who manage faculty CVs, Biosketches, and/or training grants. Bring a CV or two that you would like to review and update in the system!

New classes available! Register on the OFS/iSite Sign up Page.


ecrt (Effort Certification Reporting Technology) is Harvard University’s web-based time and effort reporting system. An instructor-led Effort Reporting Basics class is available through the Center for Workplace Development (CWD).  Register through PeopleSoft.

eCrt Open Labs for HMS and SPH Effort Coordinators: TBA

Online Trainings for ecrt is available through Eureka (pin log-in required):

You can also access a copy of the slides used in the CWD training course: ecrt Basics Training

Grant Management Application Suite (GMAS)

  • GMAS Basics and Requests  This hands-on class provides an introduction to Harvard’s Grants Management Application Suite (GMAS) and how to use it to manage sponsored projects. Register via the OSP Training Calendar page
  • GMAS System to System  This hands-on class instructs users how to identify S2S eligibility, build   electronic forms, enter budgets, upland documents and submit to using GMAS.  Register via the OSP Training Calendar page

Wasabi (HSPH only)

The Wasabi Basics class is required for all new Wasabi users.

Wasabi  Hands-on Lab sessions demonstrating features of Wasabi modules.  Register on the OFS/iSite Sign up Page.

  • Sponsored Account Maintenance and Budgets
  • Journals
  • Payroll Actions

Harvard Crimson Online Marketplace (HCOM)

HCOM Shopper/Approver class – How to use HCOM as a shopper or approver.  Attendees must have log-in ability to HCOM and an understanding of Harvard’s Chart of Accounts structure.  Register through PeopleSoft.