Case studies in Gift Accounts: This workshop is for grant managers who are also responsible for restricted gift funds. Using a case study approach, participants will analyze real-life instances to uncover underlying principles in gift fund administration.  (This course is for HSPH staff only.)

Federal Award Budget Development: This hands-on lab is for grant managers responsible for preparing budgets for federal proposals. Participants will identify key questions to ask the PI during budget preparation, create and build a proposal budget, apply fringe, vacation credits and F&A to costs, and identify the relevant University policies related to budget development. Next class to be announced.

Indirect Cost (IDC) Budget Tool: The IDC Budget Tool was designed to budget direct costs in lieu of overhead when applying for funding from non-federal sources. This hands-on lab is for anyone who is applying for non-federal funding. 

Next Session: Tuesday, March 4, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Kresge 209
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NIH Public Access Policy: This drop-in session is open to researchers, faculty, and administrators who support them. The training will cover the changes that have occurred since 2008 when the NIH Public Access policy was passed (thus making depositing articles with NIH funding into the PubMed Central database a mandatory process; if this process is done incorrectly and your NIH-funded publications do not have PMCIDs you will be out of compliance and at risk of losing your funding). Please feel free to bring a bibliography/biosketch of yours/the researcher(s) you work for, questions about a specific publication, and/or the grant numbers that you/your researchers are funded by so that we can start to help you figure out your specific needs.

OMB Circular A-21 The OMB Circular A-21 establishes the cost principles by which university researchers must comply. Understanding what is most important in this circular is the foundation for research administrators. The class will focus on how to determine the allowability of costs as either direct or indirect when preparing budgets, reviewing purchase requests, and during account reconciliation.  Next class to be announced.