HSPH Buddy Program and Development Plan

Two new and exciting resources have been developed in order to help new employees and their managers with the onboarding and development process.  The HSPH Buddy Program (described below) matches new employees with a buddy for the first 3 months of their employment in order to help orient them to their new work environment.  The Employee Development Plan (EDP) is a document that helps the new employee and manager chart a development program for the first three months of employment.


1. Outline of the Buddy Program

2. Aims and Objectives

3. Selection and Pairing of Buddies

4. Role and Responsibilities of the Buddy

5. Meeting Your Buddy

6. Content of Meetings and Discussions

7. Frequency and Timing of Meetings

8. Expectations from the Relationship

9. Available Support

10. Making Your Buddy a Buddy

11. Termination of the Relationship

12. Review of the Program