William Randolph Hearst Fund

The William Randolph Hearst Fund has been established at Harvard Medical School in honor and recognition of the efforts and devotion of Isabelle and Leonard Goldenson and Ethel and Jack Hausman on behalf of handicapped children.

Next deadline: Friday, November 14, 2014
Funding: Awards of $50,000 will be made for one year, with the possibility of extension to two years for particularly meritorious applications. Start date is February 1, 2015. Among other uses, funds may be used to supplement support for ongoing research from other sources. All recipients of the Hearst funds must provide a brief summary of scientific accomplishment to the Dean and the Hearst Fund Committee at the end of the award year.
Eligibility: Eligibility is restricted to Research Fellows, Clinical Fellows and Instructors appointed within the Harvard Faculty of Medicine doing research in the area of brain development with particular emphasis on factors important for the prevention of neuromotor disabilities and on the fundamental neurobiological mechanisms that underlie health and disease during the process of development.  Faculty at the Assistant Professor level or higher are excluded.
Submit: Application as outlined below and Face Page


1.  Application Face Page (see above)

2.  Proposal Content:  A description (not more than 5 pages) of the project or research to be supported by the Fund. The five-page proposal should be ordered as follows:

–  Specific Aims

– Background and Significance

– Preliminary Data (if any)

– Research Design and Methods

– Bibliography (will not be counted in the three page limit).

3.  An NIH Biosketch of the applicant

 4.  A budget and justification.  Please note that no overhead or administrative expenses are allowed.

5.  A description of other support, active and pending, with statement of extent of overlap with the current proposal

6.  A letter of support from the department chairperson.

 NOTE:  Animal and Human Subjects:  Awardees using either animals or humans in the proposed research must submit an animal protocol and/or IRB approval letter prior to starting project.


  1. Complete the application sections as described above and combine into a single PDF  (Note:  PDFs must be less than 20 MB in size)
  2. E-mail the PDF document to hearst_fund@hms.harvard.edu.  Compose the subject line as follows:  last name_first name_Hearst_FY15 (i.e. Jones_Susan_Hearst_FY15).
  3. E-mail must be received on or before Friday, November 14, by 5pm.  Any application received after that time/date will not be considered.


Please e-mail your questions to: