William F. Milton Fund

The William F. Milton Fund, established in 1924, is one of the oldest existing bequests made to Harvard University. It funds projects in the fields of medicine, geography, history, and science.  The winning projects must either promote the physical and material welfare and prosperity of the human race, or investigate and determine the value and importance of any discovery or invention, or assist in the discovery and perfecting of any special means of alleviating or curing human disease.

Yielding a world-wide footprint, funds awarded through Milton Fund provide opportunities to explore new ideas, enable continuous research, act as the catalyst between ideas and to more definitive directions, and enable groundbreaking results that give rise to global solutions. Over the decades, Milton Fund has supported many notable scholars and scientist whose projects continue to pursue the original will of W.F. Milton.

Milton Fund has supported projects some of which include development and testing of the apparatus for the photography of meteors and scientific and statistical investigation of criminal justice in Boston (1927); a study of pupil achievement in junior high schools and research on the physical properties of radiation (1929); preparation for a “History of the Voyages of Columbus” and experimental studies in the treatment of premature dementia (1939); a project that led to discovery of previously unknown civilization in southeastern Iran (1971); and support to continue development of coaching interventions for surgeons and their teams to enhance patient safety (2013).

To be eligible, at the time of submission, applicants must

  1. Be tenure-track faculty at or above the Assistant Professor (or equivalent) level, or Junior Fellows of the Harvard Society of Fellow.
  2. Not have more than $200,000 of direct costs in sponsored programs as PIs at the time of application. This amount excludes applicant’s salary and fringe benefits.
  3. Not have received funding from Milton Fund within the past five years.

Preference is given to new and original projects from early career investigators.

Next deadline: Applications must be received on or before October 1, 2014, 5pm Eastern (receipt date). Any application received after that time/date cannot be accepted for consideration.
Award: Funding up to $40,000 may be requested for a one year period beginning January 1, 2015
Applications: Must be submitted electronically to:  milton_fund@hms.harvard.edu.
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