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fCOI and GMAS communication outage Friday evening through Monday morning

April 20, 2017


fCOI and GMAS will have a communication outage beginning Friday, 4/21 at 7pm through Monday, 4/24 at 8am.  This will result in GMAS not having up to date fCOI status information during that time.  Once the systems begin communicating again, the data will be updated (expected Monday morning 4/24).

Both systems will still be up and running during this time.

Please communicate this throughout your school/departments to end-users of GMAS as necessary.


Oracle Financial Systems Release Outage will result in outdated data on 4/24 and 4/25

April 13, 2017

Oracle Financials Systems will be having a Release Outage beginning on Friday, 4/21 at 6pm through Wednesday, 4/26 at 9am.

This will result in GMAS not having up to date financial information on Monday, 4/24 and Tuesday, 4/25 due to the unavailability of the Financials Data Warehouse.  We will have fresh data on Wednesday, 4/26 but it may be delayed because of final validation by Harvard Data Warehouse (HDW) staff.

We will continue to get updates from the HR Data Warehouse during this time period.

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