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Applying the Relative Citation Ratio as a Measure of Grant Productivity

October 21, 2016

Last April we posted a blog on the measurement of citation metrics as a function of grant funding.  We focused on a group of R01 grants and described the association of a “citation percentile” measure with funding. We noted evidence of “diminishing returns” – that is increased levels of funding were associated with decreasing increments of productivity – an observation that has been noted by others as well.

Action Memos in Action!

October 20, 2016

Want to learn more about how to read an Action Memo?  Then you’re invited to attend an Action Memo session on Wednesday, October 26, 2-3pm, Kresge 202A at the  Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.   The session will cover why Action Memos are issued, how to review them and your role and responsibility in this process.  The session also includes several case studies to give you an opportunity to apply what you learn.

Guest Blogger Series - Michael Toon from OSP: Data Commonly Corrected in Reporting

October 17, 2016

I get all kinds of requests to answer a variety of questions about sponsored research. There are annual reports, semi-annual reports, quarterly reports, and many ad hoc reports. These reports are generated for sponsors, senior leadership, for audit purposes, many of the offices in central administration, and school deans and departments. The majority of these reports pull data from GMAS and the general ledger. Every piece of data is valuable in GMAS and should be completed as accurately as possible. Every project that is entered into GMAS will appear in one of these reports eventually.

Give Us Your Feedback on Standards for Preprints, and Other Interim Research Products

October 11, 2016

Many scientific disciplines, like physics and mathematics, routinely communicate research findings through preprints — manuscripts that have not yet gone through the formal peer review, editing, or journal publishing process. However, this is still a relatively novel concept in biology and clinical research.

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